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Diabetic Footwear

Proper footwear can help prevent the severe effects of diabetes on your feet. Stop in and review our complete selection!

We will be happy to bill Medicare or another insurance program for the shoes and insoles. We are here for your convenience at 9am on Monday through Friday and 9am - 1:00pm on Saturday. 

If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call!

diabetic shoes
man sitting on couch looking at prescription

Free Medication Delivery

Bad weather? Under the weather? Relax at home, your medications are on their way to you. Our free delivery service brings the store to your door. That means you never have to wait in a pharmacy line again, or drive across town. This free service helps make your life easier and healthier by keeping you track with your medication regimen - without ever leaving the house.

  • Free delivery to Salem and Centralia

  • Delivery is Available Monday through Saturday

  • Signature Required for Delivery

  • ID required for Controlled Medication

delivery van
lady receiving a vaccine


Getting vaccinated against preventable diseases is the best way to protect our community, especially because some of the most vulnerable often are not eligible for many vaccines. Let us help you protect your friends, family, and neighbors! We are proud to offer a variety of vaccines, including flu, shingles, pneumonia, COVID-19, and more.

Most health insurance plans including Medicare B are accepted. No prescription needed. 

medications on counter

Medication Synchronization

Medication synchronization lets your medication regimen work with your schedule, not against it — no more trips across town multiple times a month, just to pick up a single prescription. Here is how our FREE coordinated refill program works:

  • We strategically synchronize all routine medications to a once-a-month “Fill Date.”

  • We call you 7 days prior to your “Fill Date" to confirm refills needed, discuss any changes in your drug regimen, and answer any questions you may have at the time.

  • We maintain communication with your physicians throughout the month and obtain any new prescriptions that may have run out of refills well in advance of your “Fill Date”.

  • On your “Fill Date” all medications will be filled and made available for pickup or delivery



Your health concerns are yours – nobody has the exact same concerns as you. Shouldn’t your medications be just as unique? With compounding, we can work with your doctor to customize your medication so it is your perfect fit. We can compound your pet’s meds, too!


Benefits of compounding include:

  • When the strength, form, or ingredient you need is not commercially available

  • It can be a safer alternative to some commercial products

  • If you have an ingredient sensitivity or allergy

  • If you are a woman going through menopause or have a hormone imbalance

Additional Services


Medical Equipment

Don’t let injury or mobility concerns hold you back. Durable medical equipment is designed to make living life easier, whether that is happening at home or out and about.


We offer FREE delivery and setup. We file Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and most all other insurances. In need of an item for a short amount of time? We offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals. If you have any specific medical needs, please let us know. We are here to help. If there is an item that you cannot find, tell us and we will do our best to track it down!​​

    • Braces and Supports

    • Incontinence Supplies

    • Compression Hose

    • Ostomy & Urological Supplies

    • Wound Care

    • Diabetic Shoes

    • Canes and Crutches

    • Home Blood Pressure Kits

    • Bathroom Safety Items

    • Wheelchairs and Walkers

    • Nebulizers

    • Reclining Lift Chairs

    • Cast Protectors and Covers

    • Seat Cushions

grandma and granddaughter

Long Term Care Solution

We are offering Long Term Care at our Salem location.

The Benefits

Financial : We believe in providing low cost but high quality care. We strive to provide financial savings to your facility and patients by finding inexpensive alternate medication within Preferred Drug Formulary.

Continuity of Care : Our involvement from the time to admission to discharge, captures any insurance denials that might delay the therapy for the patient.

Compliance : With a wide variety of packaging solutions including Medicine-on-time, blister pack, vials, we provide custom solution to keep your patients compliant.

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